Hi, I’m Emily, a photographer, writer, traveller and blogger. Green and the Great documents my discoveries and interests in outdoor photography, unique escapes, sustainable living and great design. It’s also the ideal outlet to rave about my obsession with the Swedish art of balanced living, known as Lagom.

A little about me. Since a very young age I have always yearned to be ‘doing’. Whilst my sisters would be happy watching a film, I yearned to be outside. It felt criminal to be indoors when the beautiful Wiltshire countryside was calling. We’d play Fox and Hound, build dens and camp in the garden. I have fond memories of these times and looking back, I think that’s where my love of exploring was instilled in me.

I have always had a passion for the arts and design which led me to arts college to obtain my degree in photography. Next I spent 7 years working and travelling, my travels taking me to new countries and experiencing great adventures. Travelling opened up my eyes to the world. It was also a perfect outlet for my love of photography. 

However, I would always return home, and finally learnt to delight in the simple pleasures found from being surrounded by loved ones and enjoying a balanced lifestyle. It was at this point that I studied for a qualification in interior design and discovered Hygge and Lagom, both of which have been positive influences to my lifestyle. 

A big turning point came when my fiancé James and I bought our house and I took on the job of redesigning and decorating it for resale. I used my creative experience to completely alter the house, and in turn we sold it for a lot more than we paid. This enabled us to buy our dream home, a beautiful 1800’s cottage in the Dorset countryside, where I can currently retreat from the noise of the world and focus on my creativity.

Doing up a house on a very small budget made me rethink the way we had been spending money. I realised that although I loved designing our rooms with pieces from high street stores, I also became more conscious of the bigger issues in our world at present. Inspired by the Scandinavian ethos of Lagom and Lykke, I realised being content and happy is nothing to do with what you own or how much money you have, it’s about enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

So, in January this year, I decided to live a more sustainable life by abiding by a few homemade rules. I now only spend on experiences (such as weekend breaks or longer road trips) and for the house I make better choices by investing in quality design (sourced from independent designers, makers and artisans) or source vintage or found pieces for the home.

I want to inspire in people a curiosity and desire to make more sustainable and ethical choices in their day to day lives.

I will be posting about inspiring places to visit, sharing my own outdoors adventures, introducing you to talented artists, designers and makers and giving you advice on how to make more sustainable choices.

Green and the Great is about making the most of the opportunities this world gives us – Be Green but explore, there are amazing places on most of our backdoor steps if we just find the time to appreciate them. It’s about buying better and buying the Great. From independent designers for pieces that will not only last a lifetime but look amazing too.

I hope to stimulate conversation about art, sustainable living and travel and would love to hear about your projects and experiments too! Let the journey begin!

To contact me, please fill out the form below or email info@greenandthegreat.com