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November 28, 2018

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I’m literally bursting with excitement after discovering Home and Lifestyle brand Nkuku this week. As usual at this time of year, I’m asked to write my ‘Christmas list’, basically all the things I’d like for Christmas to avoid that awkward ‘wow, it’s amazing’ fake expression when receiving an unwanted gift. 

As we are following the ‘buy less, buy better’ ethos in our house, I’ve put a lot more thought into my gift list this year. At first, I decided I wasn’t going to write one as I’m not actually in need of anything. However, I know my other half pretty well by now and regardless of my request, there will be presents under the tree either way. So, I thought I better make sure they have been purchased from artisans or are vintage pieces.

nkuku, marble decorations, handmade Christmas gifts, Christmas gift ideas, artisans
‘Morwa marble decorations’ from nkuku

I already follow many amazing makers on Instagram, so that was my first port of call. I popped on the list some lovely vintage jumpers from Calico and Twine. I love Calico and Twine because they stand for my favourite three S’s – simple, slow and sustainable.

calico and twine, vintage shopping, vintage jumper, grey jumper, sustainable shopping, rib jumper
‘Vintage grey mock neck’ from Calico and Twine

“Here at Calico and Twine, we find vintage pieces that are beautiful, useful, and well made. Vintage pieces are typically made with high quality materials such as linen and 100% cotton rather than our cheap and unsustainable material choices of today such as polyester. 

Vintage pieces can last a lifetime and are well worth the investment. Buying secondhand is one of the most sustainable choices in our consumeristic world today. Instead of sending these clothes to pollute more landfills, they are given a second chance at life”.

Here, here!

It was as I was searching for other sustainable brands that I found nkuku.

Nkuku create beautifully handmade home and lifestyle products. They work with artisans throughout the world, combining timeless design with traditional skills and natural materials. The thing I love is that you can read the stories about the artisans and find out where your product came from, where it was lovingly handcrafted and how by buying said item, (in my case Christmas gift!), you are supporting real people.

handmade gifts, christmas gifts, artisans, handmade, sustainable, shopping for Christmas, nkuku

Only problem I found was choosing what to buy – there are sooooo many beautiful gift ideas!

Don’t believe me? Check out their website and see for yourself.

nkuku, hanging planter, ceramic planter, gift ideas, handmade gifts
Love plants? ‘Matamba ceramic hanging planter’ from nkuku
candlesticks, handmade gift, Christmas gifts, candle gifts, homeland lifestyle gifts, nkuku
‘Mbata brass candlestick’ from nkuku
leather journal, handmade gift, Christmas gifts, candle gifts, homeland lifestyle gifts, nkuku
Do you have a budding writer in your family? These journals are the perfect gift
abeeko decanter, decanters, sustainable gifts, nkuku, handmade gifts, Christmas gift ideas
‘Abeeko decanter’ by nkuku
eko mini antelope head, handmade gift idea, nkuku, Christmas gifts
‘Eko mini antelope head’ by nkuku
ceramic vase, nkuku, marimba ceramic vase, gift ideas, sustainable shopping
‘Matamba ceramic vase’ by nkuku
brass frame, tiny frames, handmade frames, antique frames, nkuku
How adorable are these ‘Tiny Fanta frame antique brass’ picture frames from nkuku?
stag napkin rings, handmade gifts, Christmas gift ideas, nkuku, table accessories
‘Stag napkin rings’ by nkuku
handmade cushions, kamba bede cushion, nkuku, gift ideas, Christmas handmade
‘Kamba bede cushion’ from nkuku
crackers, Christmas crackers, blue and gold crackers, handmade gifts, nkuku
Christmas crackers

So please, this Christmas, buy better. Christmas is a time when waste is multiplied, so let’s all do our bit to help our beautiful planet whilst giving the perfect gifts.

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